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MS-DOS Command Line

Get System information

In the Name of Allah

Host Name

systeminfo |findstr /C:"Host Name"
Host Name:            SECURED-PC

OS Name

systeminfo |findstr /C:"OS Name"
OS Name:              Microsoft Windows

OS Version

systeminfo |findstr /C:"OS Version"
OS Version:           x.x

OS Manufacturer

systeminfo |findstr /C:"OS Manufacturer"
OS Manufacturer:      Microsoft

Registered Owner

systeminfo |findstr /C:"Owner"
Registered Owner:     SECURED

BIOS Version

systeminfo |findstr /C:"BIOS Version"
BIOS Version:         SECURED x.xx, x

Logon Server

systeminfo |findstr /C:"Logon Server"
Logon Server:         \\SECURED-PC

Product ID

systeminfo | findstr /C:"Product ID"
Product ID:           xxx-xxx-xxx

System Model

systeminfo | findstr /C:"System Model"
System Model:         * 123

System Type

systeminfo | findstr /C:"System Type"
System Type:          x64-based PC


systeminfo | findstr /C:"Processor"
System Type:          x64-x

System Locale

systeminfo | findstr /C:"System Locale"
System Locale:        (Saudi Arabia)

Physical Memory

systeminfo |findstr /C:"Physical Memory"
Total Physical Memory:     x MB
Available Physical Memory: x MB