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20 SVG Used Examples

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

. Synchronised animation and audio                        
. Animated world landmarks re-created in SVG
. SVG filters on HTML5 video
. Adding a third dimension to SVG graphics
. Rendering vector graphics in SVG vs Flash
. An interactive SVG jigsaw
. SVG UI Components: a HTML5 subtitles bar
. Applying SVG masks over HTML5 video
. Path-tracing map routes with SVG and Raphael
. Deconstructing Trajan columns with SVG
. Animated Rube Goldberg machine in SVG
. Interactive Postcard of Ireland in SVG
. Crime and poverty interactive SVG map
. Animated lyrics in SVG
. Analytics with Raphael and SVG
. Visual representation Of Twitter Connection
. Blobular
. The creepy mouth in SVG
. Animated SVG clock
. Interactive SVG on the iPad

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